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Looking back at our inaugural year.

2020 Competition

2020 was a year filled with great ideas!

With over 180 applications, more than 30 semi-finalists, and a rigorous competition among our top 7 teams—2020's competition inspired us.


We were stunned by all of the great ideas, and engaged young people, that we came face to face with. In the end, choosing a winner was very difficult.

We're excited to see all of these young change-makers flourish in the future.

Here are some issues we saw participants tackle last year:

  • Develop a mental health app or website for youth

  • Gather an Indigenous advocacy group for biodiversity conservation

  • Start a sustainable clothing online trading system

  • Create a waste recycling programs

  • Organize a clean energy incentive program

  • Initiate a social media campaign for the climate crisis

  • Link a food share program to urban gardeners

  • Found a portable toilet company for rural sanitation

  • Design a microinsurance scheme for women's empowerment

Our 2020 winners:

Advice from our 2020

founders, and


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