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What do young people need to champion a better world

Young people are starting to build the better world they want to live in. The Youth Impact Challenge wants to help them do it. Our goal is to provide creative youth with the tools, funding, and networks they need to champion their vision of the future.

A core group of mission-driven funds, foundations, and organizations have come together to run Canada's most robust and empowering social impact competition: we don't put you into a topic-specific box or expect you to write an entire plan.


We're looking for world-changing ideas.

So we wanted to empower young people's impactful ideas with:

funding, mentorship, and networks.

So what does "impact" mean to us?

Simply put, we want you to come up with an idea that makes the world more accessible, just, and habitable.


Whether it's an idea for a tech solution that fights climate change, or a grassroots way to make transit more ride-able for folks living with physical disabilities—we'd like to hear it.

"Impact" means a step towards a society, economy, and planet that is more prosperous for all.

So who are “we”?

The Youth Impact challenge is run by a small coalition of venture funds and companies who know that supporting the right ideas is how we build a better future.


Connect to members of our team! Reach out to info@youthimpactchallenge.ca for general inquiries. The challenge's primary contact is Aranyah (aranyah@youthimpactchallenge.ca).


Leaders from the coalition organizations will be judging the proposals.



We have access to leaders from both the business world and non-profit sector.

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