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  • Is the project idea or solution limited to execution in Canada and/or Canadian issues or can it be global?

    • The project, issues, and solutions are not limited to Canada and can be focused on anywhere in the world. Please make sure to provide context for the issue in terms of the scope and scale of the problem.1

  • Does the 3-page submission length include the title page and appendices?

    • Yes, the 3-page submission includes absolutely everything you would like to include in the project plan.

  • Can we have less than or more than 3 team members?

    • The team must be composed of at least 3 or more team members. There is no upper limit to the number of team members. However, if you have internet difficulties or are from an area with a population less than 25,000, then you may explain the situation and submit a plan alone or in a team of 2. Otherwise, we recommend finding team members on our Community group on Facebook:

  • Can I submit the project plan by mail?

    • Yes, if you do not have sufficient internet or other resources, you may submit the plan by mail. If you have any difficulty with submitting a link to the proposal or would like to mail the submission, please contact

  • Do I have to be Canadian to apply?

    • No, anyone residing in Canada or part of a Canadian institution, e.g. international students attending Canadian universities are welcome to participate.

  • Can I participate if I turn 26 years old this year?

    • Participants have to have been born after Dec 31st 1994 are eligible for this competition. Due to interest from younger participants we've decided to get rid of the lower age bracket!

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