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Idea Inspiration

Looking for inspiration as you come up with your great idea? Here are just some issues we saw tackled by youth in previous years:


Starting a community-led urban garden in your home city

Developing a mobile app to revitalize indigenous languages



Organizing a program to promote the adoption of clean energy


Initiating a social media campaign for the climate movement

Launching a sustainable online clothing trading system



Improving on underwater surveys using machine learning tech

Grand Prize Winners

In Youth Impact Challenge’s first two years, we received hundreds of innovative, youth-led ideas from diverse teams all across Canada. Here are the teams that took home our Grand Prizes in 2021 and 2020!


2021 Winner - Social Stream: ConchShell

Wearable American Sign Language translator to improve user independence. Featured in the Toronto Star.

Jin Schofield.jpg

Jin Schofield

Sarvnaz Alemohammad.jpg

Sarvnaz Alemohammad

Sherry Shu.jpg

 Sherry Shu

2021 Winner - Environmental: Peko Produce

Vancouver’s first delivery service for imperfect or "peculiar" produce. Featured in the Daily Hive and at TedX UBC.

Sang Le.jpeg

Sang Le

Arielle Lok.jpg

Arielle Lok


2020 Winner: Voltx

A machine learning product to accelerate the testing time for supercapacitors and batteries. Featured on FLIK .

Alisha Imran.png

Alishba Imran

Shagun Maheshwari.jpg

Shagun Maheshwari

Anna Heer.jpg

Anna Heer

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