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Starting a project like this, so we've built a helpful (and ever expanding) list of links.


Want to know where you can make the most impact? The Impact Gaps Canvas helps you figure out where there is already a lot of awesome work being done already, and where there are gaps in need in your community. This methodology can help you find your focus when it comes to making an impact! Check it out here.

A lecture and a worksheet to help you get your project off the ground! Have you always wanted to create something really impactful, but not known where to start? Check out this lecture by Allen Grossman from Harvard. It'll help you answer some of the basic questions that you might need answers to so you can get going. After you've watched the lecture, use this worksheet as a handy guide to getting started!

Project Drawdown has built a list of real solutions. This comprehensive, and well researched, list of potential ways to combat the climate crisis is an amazing source for inspiration and education. Check out their list of solutions here.

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