A competition that funds and supports great youth-led environmental or social impact ideas.

The Youth Impact Challenge

Back in Summer 2021.

We're here to empower youth with the resources they need to make an impact.

The Youth Impact Challenge is a competition for young people who have ideas that tackle environmental and social issues. We want new concepts for programs, companies, products, and projects that could use our support being brought into reality.

We want to bring the strongest ideas to life.

This isn't just a competition: it's a launch-board with thousands of dollars of funding on the line. In addition to networking and mentorship, we are offering grants for youth that have impactful ideas.

Build a project idea that could live on with a long-term impact.

We're looking for diverse perspectives.

We want to work with people from across the country with every educational, professional, and cultural background. Don't hesitate if you don't have a business plan—just answer our application questions. We'll focus on the idea above all.

So, who should apply?


People younger than 25

(you don't need to be a student!)


Young people from all educational, cultural and professional backgrounds!


Canadian resident

(even temporary residents)

Our Goals

Empower 300+ young people

Engage with a diverse group of youth

Give out $55,000+ in prizes