Youth Impact Challenge 2021

The Youth Impact Challenge is a competition for young innovators who have ideas that tackle environmental or social issues.


Canada’s youth have lived through an unprecedented crisis and witnessed loud cries for justice. The Youth Impact Challenge is your opportunity to develop your ideas for #whattheworldneeds

Youth Impact Challenge 2021 will...

Give out $80,000+ in prizes for ideas that tackle environmental OR social issues

Award two grand prizes of $10,000

Engage with a diverse group of youth

Connect participants to mentors who will help you develop your ideas

Who can apply?




Youth aged 16 to 25

(you don't need to be a student!)

Young innovators from all backgrounds!



Canadian resident

(even temporary residents)

Teams must have at least 3 people

Round 1 submissions due July 16th at 11:59pm

We are here to support you.

Whether you already have an idea or not, we’re here to equip you with the tools you need to succeed. This includes:

  • Resources to get you started

  • Networking Socials and Pitch Workshops

  • Mentorship pairing

  • Two rounds of financial awards


Coming soon...

Our pre-competition workshops are in the works!


We’d love to engage with your team ideas before the event, so stay tuned for more details on the following:

  • Networking social: Find new teammates across Canada!

  • Zero to Hero Series: Ideation and Pitching Workshops throughout the summer!

  • Discord Server: Meet other participants and ask your questions!

We're looking for diverse perspectives.

We want to work with young people from across the country—all ideas are welcome.