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Empowering young people with the tools to build

a better future for themselves, and their communities.

The Youth Impact Challenge

Back in Summer 2021.

Young people: do you have a great idea?

This is how you can turn it into  reality. The Youth Impact Challenge is a competition for young people with big ideas about how to tackle real environmental and social issues. Throughout the summer the best ideas will be given access to funding, networks, and mentorship that’ll help bring the solutions to life.


We want to work with people from every educational and professional background. The more diversity of perspective present - the better.


So, who should apply?

< 25

People younger than 25

(you don't need to be a student!


Young people from all educational and professional backgrounds!


Canadian resident

(even temporary residents)

Our goals

Empower 300+

young people

Engage with

a diverse group of


Give out

$50,000 in prizes

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